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 Institutional Visits
All institutional visits will take place on Wednesday, September 23rd, 15:30-18:00.
Please choose only one visit, when you fill up the registration form

Visit 1:
The Athens Concert Hall: Music Library of Greece ‘Lilian Voudouri’ & The   Recording Centre

  • Music Library of Greece ‘Lilian Voudouri’ was created in 1995 under an initiative of the Friends of Music Society and is an important centre of music studies. It is an information center for music and the arts, capable of supporting a full programme of research and education. Its collection focuses on western music, world music, as well as all types of Greek music.
  • The Recording Centre at the Athens Concert Hall is in operation since 1994 handling in house as well as third party professional recording projects. It is specialised in all types of music recordings ranging from classical, jazz, ethnic, popular even rock and spoken word projects. It has extensive facilities to support audio for film and video. Numerous internationally released projects has been recorded in its premises by such labels as  DECCA , SONY CLASSICAL , TELDEC , EMI CLASSICS , PHILIPS CLASSICS, ECM Gmbh and artists as J. E. GARDINER , N. HARNONCOUR , V ASHKENAZY, GIYA KANCHELI , MIKIS THEODORAKIS , THANOS MIKROUTSIKOS , ELENI KARAINDROU , VASSILIS TSABROPOULOS, LEONIDAS KAVAKOS  etc etc. Consists of four areas: the control room, the machine room, the live area and the editing-mastering suite. Its main recording areas are the stages of the Athens Concert Hall that are directly interconnected to the large scale recording console in its main control room. It is also providing the audio feed to the in house ten camera video recording centre where all the major events of the Athens Concert Hall are videotaped on the current digital video broadcasting formats.  It is also capable for remote location recordings on hard disc outside the Athens Concert Hall premises.  Its installations are entirely digital, from the console input when recording and mixing to the final editing and mastering,


Visit 2:
Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT)

ERT is the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation ( ERT has the richest audiovisual archive in Greece ( As the single Greek Public Broadcaster, ERT is an integral and important part of the Greek broadcasting history and has a prominent place in country's cultural life.  ERT pioneers and keeps "making television history" through digital television and digital archives, and in this way, it meets dynamically the challenges of the digital era.


Visit 3:
Hellenic Society for the Protection of Intellectual Property - AEPI
Greek Music Archive

The AEPI Greek Music Archive, founded in 1994, holds the archival records of Greek music: This includes a collection of sound recordings (which took place by Greeks in and out of the country from 1896 up to today), music scores, photos, music books and magazines, interviews and television broadcasts of Greek music. The tour will include a brief presentation of the Archives history and storage areas and also the acquaintance with the Archives' activities.


Visit 4:
Plaka archives tour

  • The Folklore Archive and the National Music Collection of the Academy of Athens, founded in 1918. The Archive includes old & rare historical recordings of Greek Music, recently digitized.
  • The Museum of Greek Folk Instruments that comprises a collection of 1200 Greek musical instruments dating from the 18th century to the present day
  • The Institute for Research on Music & Acoustics (IEMA) – Music Documentation Centre, founded 1989, with its digitization centre and one of the biggest digital collection of Greek Music including all genres of Greek Music.
Due to space limitations the tour will be performed in 3 Groups of 15 persons each

This is a walking tour to archival institutions cited in Plaka, the old city of Athens close to Acropolis. The tour will comprise visits to:


Visit 5:
The Foundation of the Hellenic World – A different visiting experience

The Foundation of the Hellenic World (FHW), which was envisioned, founded and funded by the family of Lazaros Efraimoglou, is a privately funded not-for-profit cultural institution based in Athens. Its foundation was ratified in 1993 by unanimous vote of the Hellenic Parliament.
FHW's mission is the preservation of Hellenic history and tradition, the creation of an awareness of the universal dimension of Hellenism and the promotion of its contribution to cultural evolution.
Hellenic Cosmos, the cultural centre of the FHW, is an ultra modern, living museum of Hellenism, across the sciences, arts and every aspect of society: it aims to be a source of information that satisfies the needs of contemporary "society of knowledge".
The Foundation's exhibition "Meeting at the Ancient Agora" focuses on the values that were born in the Ancient Agora of Athens and shaped contemporary political thought: freedom, justice, education, isonomy, freedom of speech, sociability and participation to common affairs. With natural exhibits and interactive applications of advanced technology, the exhibition brings to life the social, political and intellectual reality of the city of Athens in the period in which the Agora was constructed.
Finally, the Dome Shaped Virtual Reality Theater (Tholos) offers an Interactive Tour at the Ancient Agora. (


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