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International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives (IASA)

A growing proportion of the cultural legacy of the last 100 years is in the form of sound and moving image recordings. If your archive, library, museum, business or organisation is responsible for any aspect of the archival management of audiovisual material, or if you have a personal or professional interest in this important part of our heritage, then you could benefit from membership in IASA.



 Hellenic National Audiovisual Archive (HeNAA)

The Hellenic National Audiovisual Archive (HeNAA) is a new institution established in 2006 under a law voted by the Parliament of the Hellenic Republic (Law No. 3444/ Issue No. 46Α', 02.03.2006), as an unincorporated non profit Legal Entity, subject to Private Law.
The HeNAA collects, archives, physically safeguards, manages, maintains, preserves, processes, provides access and utilizes audiovisual and born digital material with informational, news, historical, political and in general social and cultural content related to the heritage of Greece and Hellenism in general.


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